SA Oil looks at the world's biggest and longest diesel powered trains

We Dig Diesel: World’s Biggest Trains

The invention of the steam train in the 1800s revolutionised transport – now people and goods could travel further and faster overland, and it was the railways that opened up the New World for business, …

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SA Oil explains a world without oil

A World Without Oil

Like it or not, explains Business Insider, our world runs on oil – and we need more of it. With an expanding global population – we’re at 7.7 billion people and counting – energy supply …

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SA Oil explains the trade war part five,, the oil industry

The Trade War Explained: Part V – The Oil Industry

The US-China Trade War has heated up again as both the Trump and Jinping administrations ramped up tariffs against each other in August 2019, though China’s new tariffs on the previously untouched oil industry may …

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SA Oil explains what rare earths are and why they are important

A Simple Guide to Rare Earths

Rare earth elements are crucial to modern technology and are one of the most important components in the manufacturing of many products. Their significance has made them political weapons in the Trade War, too. But …

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SA Oil discusses Eskom and its effect on South Africa's economy

Eskom: R420-Billion in Debt and Counting

Eskom is the largest producer of electricity on the African continent and provides South Africa with 95% of its power. Recent years have seen the utility spiral into debt and dodgy deals, as well as …

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SA Oil discusses the different industries and applications in which heavy fuel oil is used

The Many Uses of HFO

Fuel is crucial to powering the world around us. Various types of fuel are used every day, from heating and cooking to powering huge machinery. Some fuels are better for certain applications – like heavy …

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SA Oil names the world's biggest trucks that use diesel

We Dig Diesel: World’s Biggest Trucks

Trucks are the cargo ships of the shore and transport a variety of goods and products. These massive metal workhorses have big jobs to do – that’s why they’re fitted with diesel engines! These powerful …

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SA Oil discusses the events occurring in the Strait of Hormuz

Persian Gulf Tensions: The Strait of Hormuz

Located between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Strait of Hormuz has recently been a site of ongoing, escalating conflict between Iran, the US and the UK. As an international energy chokepoint, the Strait’s importance cannot …

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SA Oil discusses the impact of the trade war on agriculture

The Trade War Explained: Part IV – Effect on Agriculture

The G-20 Summit held in Japan in June 2019 provided the first flicker of hope for the end of the US-China Trade War. However, recent backpedalling by both parties may see the war continue, and …

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SA Oil explains how fuel helped man get to the moon

The Fuel That Got Man to the Moon

Nearly 50 years ago, on the morning of the 20th of July 1969, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent Saturn V to the moon during the Apollo 11 spaceflight, making history. Find out …

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