SA Oil discusses how motorsport is going green and environmentally friendly

How Motorsport is Going Green

As the world faces the grim consequences of environmental issues, great efforts are being made to reduce the causes of global warming. Major corporations have joined the movement, including those in the motorsport industry, which …

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SA Oil recaps on its internal marketing event for International Day of Happiness

Celebrating International Day of Happiness, SA Oil Style

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness, recognising the importance of happiness in people’s lives. This year, we joined in on the celebrations – with a little twist, a lot …

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SA Oil recaps the Power Series Round 2 and the Campos 600

Event: Power Series – Round 2 and the Campos 600

The second instalment of the Power Series hit the tar at Killarney this weekend, thrilling motor fans with another day of epic racing. Of the day’s events, crowd pleasers were the first of the South …

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SA Oil explains what happens to the grid during load shedding

What Happens to the Grid During Load Shedding?

As South Africans face a repeat of the 2008-2009 electricity crisis, and the implementation of rolling blackouts through load shedding, it is important to understand what load shedding is, and how it affects the power …

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SA Oil commemorates Rudolph's Diesel's birthday and his invention of the diesel engine

Rudolph Diesel: Inventor of the Diesel Engine

Considered to be one of the most efficient engines available for industry today, Rudolph Diesel’s internal combustion engine, the diesel engine, completely revolutionised the world. Even his first successful model was more efficient and effective …

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SA Oil is giving away tickets to the endurance race, the Compos 600

Win Tickets to See the Campos 600

Snag tickets to see the Campos 600, a Le Mans-style endurance race featuring in Round 2 of the Power Series at Killarney on 16 March 2019, with a powerhouse display of endurance cars like Porsche, …

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A Simple Guide to Cat Fines

Crucial to the cracking process in crude oil refining, cat fines assist in the breaking down of this commodity’s hydrocarbon chain, forming a major part in the process which results in the refined products we …

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SA Oil explains crude oil with reference to oil found around the world

A Simple Guide to Crude Oil

Crude oil, and its various types, is the most traded commodity in the world, greatly affecting the global economy and setting the international cost of oil, which in turn contributes to the setting of fuel …

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