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To mark the launch of ACCELERATE Special Gasoline – our unleaded, unoxygenated high-performance fuel specially formulated for high performance engines – and to show our support for South African motorsport, we introduced an exciting opportunity for motorsport competitors across the country…the chance to win a motorsport sponsorship for the 2018 racing season!

Dubbed #FuelMyRace, the sponsorship opportunity aimed to seek out young motorsport talents that could best represent the brand, and offered free racing fuel for practice and competition, amongst other things, for our two lucky winners – Giordano Lupini and Savannah Woodward. Find out more about the plucky pair, below…

Race Car Star: Giordano Lupini

Starting out in karting at the tender age of ten, Giordano Lupini now races in Class C of the Burly Pro WP GTI Challenge.

After submitting this video and earning himself an ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador role, Giordano took the bull by the horns and painted his erstwhile black VW Golf 1 a bold Maserati Yellow – a paint job that not only harks back to his proudly Italian heritage (and his own familial link to motorsport), but perfectly complements the branding of his new sponsor, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline – Powered by SA Oil. Giordano holds the honour of being the youngest competitor to ever compete in a circuit race at Killarney, when he raced there in the WP GTI Challenge back in September 2015.

“I am passionate about racing and feel accountable to continue a long family tradition…I am honoured to be a fourth-generation racer after my great-grandfather Gigi who raced the Mille Miglia in the 1920s, my grandfather Mario, who was an Alfa Romeo factory driver, and my father Michele, a race and rally champion” – Giordano Lupini, on his racing blood

UPDATE: Giordano will be pursuing his racing career with ACCELERATE Special Gasoline in 2019, and we look forward to fuelling his motorsport journey!

Superbike Superstar: Savannah Woodward

Savannah Woodward is one of South Africa’s brightest motorsport stars. Starting in motorcross and off-road enduro biking at a young age, she made the switch to circuit racing in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Today she competes both in Southern Africa and abroad, including racing stints in Spain, Italy and Mexico.

Savannah flies the flag for women in motorsport, with several noteworthy achievements, including being the first female rider ever to win a superbike race in Zimbabwe (she was the youngest rider, either male or female, to win such a race, to boot!), and being chosen to represent South Africa in the 2018 Italika Women’s World Cup. These credentials, and her video submission, earned her a place as our second ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador for 2018.

“I believe motorsport is a way of life, not just a sport…I eat, sleep and breathe motor racing! I fell in love with motorbikes when I was introduced to motorsport at the age of six – since then, it has become everything that I do, the thing to which I devote all my time and energy.” – Savannah Woodward, on what drives her

UPDATE: During the final of the Italika Women’s World Cup, held in early December 2018 at the Autodrome Guadelejara, Mexico, Savannah Woodward sustained injuries in a crash. After spending some time recovering in hospital in Mexico, she flew home to South Africa to continue her recuperation. She’ll be taking a break from motorsport for the time being – we wish her well!

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