Event: Power Series – Round 2 and the Campos 600

The second instalment of the Power Series hit the tar at Killarney this weekend, thrilling motor fans with another day of epic racing. Of the day’s events, crowd pleasers were the first of the South African Endurance Series, and the Burly Pro GTi Challenge. Find out why…

SA Oil recaps the Power Series Round 2 and the Campos 600

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline Brand Ambassador Bounces Back

Young Capetonian Giordano Lupini, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador, faced one of the most difficult situations in his racing career so far when he suffered a critical crash on Friday morning, resulting in a total write-off of his Maserati-yellow VW Golf. The right rear axle broke while Giordano was running a warm-up lap, resulting in the wheel going underneath the car and launching it, causing it to roll an astonishing five or six times, his team estimates, as they watched from the side-lines. Thankfully, the young racer made it out of the crash unscathed, though his go-go Golf wasn’t quite as lucky…

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini after car wreck

Black is the New Yellow

Despite the crash, Giordano came back swinging! In record time, his team managed to find a replacement car for Giordano to participate in the Burly Pro races – his old black Golf! Having not been raced for over a year, Giordano’s team worked into the early hours of Saturday morning getting the new go-go Golf race-ready, fuelling up with ACCELERATE Special Gasoline, and the car didn’t disappoint: Round 2 proved to be another day of success for Giordano, who took home two wins, pole position and a lap record after his Class C race in the Burly Pro WP GTi Challenge. Needless to say, everyone was cheering for #TeamGiordano yet again!

Top Class Cars for the Campos 600

The eagerly awaited Campos 600 took place on Saturday evening, lighting up Killarney’s track with an impressive display of cars, including the ACCELERATE Special Gasoline-fuelled Ginetta GT3, driven by former Formula 1 and Le Mans racer Jan Lammers. A race of epic proportions, the Ginetta and Lammers had their work cut out for them, neck-and-neck against Cobras, Corvettes and Lamborghinis. Although his was one of the few cars still running at the end of the race, the one-time Le Mans champion wasn’t able to complete enough laps to classify as a finisher, but this first taste of the South African Endurance Series has left motorsport fans wanting more, and we are waiting at the edge of our seats for the next instalment of this prestigious racing event.

SA Oil ACCELERATE Special Gasoline branded Ginetta GT3 Power Series Round 2

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline: Fuelling the Fast and Furious

The Power and SA Endurance Series has kick-started the hearts of motorsport fans around the country as the races continue to get bigger and better, featuring favourite car brands and renowned racers. ACCELERATE Special Gasoline is a high-octane, unleaded fuel specially formulated for high-performance vehicles (and drivers!) that gearheads can expect to see in the coming sets of these series. Find out more about our performance fuel…