Introducing ACCELERATE Special Gasoline – Powered by SA Oil! ACCELERATE is a high-octane unleaded fuel, specially formulated for high performance engines, that offers less engine wear, resulting in reduced engine maintenance costs, better fuel consumption and enhanced performance. For motorheads and track rats, and anyone who likes their cars and bikes fast, SA Oil’s ACCELERATE Special Gasoline is your go-go fuel! ACCELERATE Special Gasoline


Traditionally, high performance fuels – like those used in racing – had a high lead content. While lead has been shown to be an effective octane booster in fuels, concerns over its impact on the environment and human health has prompted its removal from commercial and racing fuels. This meant that an alternative had to be found to give racers the performance advantage they needed to win – enter unleaded racing technology, which has produced this revolutionary unleaded fuel. Other cheap additives often used to boost performance in regular racing fuels – oxygen and alcohols like ethanol or methanol. ACCELERATE Special Gasoline, though, is a pure performance fuel – take a look…

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline

NO LEAD! Instead of harmful lead, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline contains a race-proven lead replacement additive.

The Benefit: This lead replacement additive acts in the same way that lead does, but without the environmental and health hazards, leaving a microscopic layer on the valve and seat, which protects against valve seat recession (wear).

NO OXYGEN! As a pure performance product, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline contains no oxygen.

The Benefit: Adding oxygen to fuels is a cheap way to increase the ‘burn’, thereby adding energy and horsepower, but there’s a flipside – you need more fuel to achieve the desired effects. Unoxygenated high-performance fuels, like ACCELERATE Special Gasoline, actually reduce fuel usage, proving to be more cost-effective in the long-term.

NO ETHANOL! Based on high quality components, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline contains no ethanol.

The Benefit: While ethanol is added to many fuels to enhance octane content, ethanol-free fuels actually have more energy and greater fuel efficiency – a litre of ethanol contains just 66% the energy of a litre of gasoline.


With a 102-octane rating, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline provides the energy and power your vehicle needs for peak performance. Octane rating measures a fuel’s resistance to so-called engine knock or detonation, an ‘abnormal combustion’ which occurs after the spark plug has ignited the air/fuel mixture and is moving through the combustion chamber. If, during this burning process, the unburned air/fuel mixture reaches a pressure/temperature at which it’s no longer stable, it will explode – or burn up to ten times faster. The result? Piston burning, connecting rod and bearing damage, and loss of power. As an oxygen-free and ethanol-free fuel, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline offers superior detonation resistance, which means you’re protecting your high-performance – and very expensive – engine from potential (very expensive) damage. Its advanced technology also helps reduce fuel system deposits, and provides for reliable and consistent power. All of which means more chance of landing pole position, and getting from the paddock to the podium! ACCELERATE Special Gasoline is suitable for all high-performance vehicles, on-track, off-road, and on the water! For more information about ACCELERATE Special Gasoline, you can download our data sheet here or contact us

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline