SA Oil discusses the impact of the Trade Was on the oil industry

The Trade War Explained: Part II South African Fuel Security

Over a year later, the US-China Trade War has only grown in severity and in its wake, the world is trying to keep its head above water. Significantly impacted is the oil industry, with questions …

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SA Oil explains the impact of the US China trade war on South Africa

The Trade War Explained: Part I – The Effect on South African Manufacturing

The US-China Trade War has hit the world hard, causing a number of issues the effects of which are being felt on a global scale. South Africa is no exception – its already fragile economy …

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SA Oil discusses the journey of crude oil

The Journey of Crude Oil

From the polish on our shoes to the tyres on our cars and the fuel that propels them, we have crude oil to thank! Easy access to its products blinds us to the tremendous journey …

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ACCELERATE Special Gasoline fuels the win of Giordano Lupini at Power Series Round 4

Event: Power Series – Round 4

As Wingfield Motor’s Power Series Round 4 kicked off on Saturday, 8 June, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini readied himself for the fight ahead – to secure continue his winning streak. How did …

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SA Oil discusses the manufacturing industry in South Africa

South Africa’s Manufacturing Mayhem

The manufacturing industry’s days of being a prized contributor to South Africa’s economy is on the wane – in just two decades, the sector’s contribution to GDP has shrunk from 18% in 1997 to 11% …

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