The Journey of Crude Oil

From the polish on our shoes to the tyres on our cars and the fuel that propels them, we have crude oil to thank! Easy access to its products blinds us to the tremendous journey crude oil makes to reach us. Read about it here…

SA Oil discusses the journey of crude oil

Crude Oil’s Trip from the Ground to Gasoline and More

Crude oil – the currency used around the globe! This important commodity is crucial to everyday life, powering almost everything we use, from our homes and cars, to our workplaces and cities. Since its discovery, crude oil has transformed the world as we know it, stimulating technological and mechanical advancements that have improved the lives of humans for centuries.

Without even realising it, we use crude oil products every single day – from obvious uses like petrol or diesel in our cars, to more obscure items like plastic containers, upholstery, ink and even toilet seats! Over time, the extraction process needed to obtain crude oil to make these products has developed, helping us acquire the material more quickly – but how does it reach us?



An Oil for Every Application!

Crude oil products power our world, providing us with electricity, fuel for our vehicles and machinery, and are used in every industry. Find the right fuel for your application – speak to us today!