Directing energy is more to us than just a tagline. More than providing for the energy needs of some of the continent’s biggest mines, power suppliers and manufacturing facilities, it’s about ‘energising’ the spaces in which we work – by kindling relationships with our partners, clients and service providers, and sparking engagement with surrounding communities.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and proactive investment strategy, SA Oil has grown into a diversified energy company playing a key role within Africa’s energy industry. Our management team brings with it a powerful combination of in-depth industry knowledge and profound understanding of the African context.

Our experience in every link of the value chain from technical, supply and storage to logistics and distribution – and including the development and marketing of key specialist products that are essential to industry and end users across Africa – make us your go-to energy company.


Thriving on challenges, we’re known for taking bold, yet carefully calculated, risks. Unsurprisingly, we avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, not letting institutional dogma slow us down!


Being comfortable with diverse cultures and in changing environments, we’re able to easily adapt and integrate – without compromising our global outlook and long-term vision.


Our business dealings are driven by wise decisions, strong ethics and mutual respect. We’re fair, honest and direct – and don’t tolerate prejudice, discrimination or dishonesty.


SA Oil was formed with both midstream and downstream operations, with an ambition to becoming the most extensive integrated downstream platform in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our oil trading division began in 2008, on the purchase and delivery of refined petroleum products for Africa. It rapidly expanded, ensuring imports of heating oil for coastal and inland nations in West and then East Africa. Additional strategic fuel storage facilities were soon added to ensure a reliable supply of essential fuel products from regional hubs to landlocked countries.

Our commitment to providing a complete range of energy solutions in Africa has seen us diversify into several energy-related specialist products over the years – industrial heating fuels, kerosene, marine fuel products and even a high-octane fuel for high performance vehicles.

Today, SA Oil has become the preferred partner for many industrial and mining groups, thanks to a strong reputation for providing a wide range of reliable fuel products and dependable services, including full on-site service management – all made possible by our integrated value chain and efficient operating culture.

As we continue to grow, the SA Oil brand becomes increasingly familiar, too, to African consumers. Our integrated supply, storage and distribution model enables us to respond to the continent’s growing energy needs, and this strategy fits in with our vision to be the most respected independent oil company in Sub-Saharan Africa, and to expand our product and service network to provide continent-wide access to oil products for industrial clients.