We Dig Diesel

SA Oil looks at the world's biggest and longest diesel powered trains

We Dig Diesel: World’s Biggest Trains

The invention of the steam train in the 1800s revolutionised transport – now people and goods could travel further and faster overland, and it was the railways that opened up the New World for business, …

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SA Oil names the world's biggest trucks that use diesel

We Dig Diesel: World’s Biggest Trucks

Trucks are the cargo ships of the shore and transport a variety of goods and products. These massive metal workhorses have big jobs to do – that’s why they’re fitted with diesel engines! These powerful …

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SA Oil can supply marine diesel oil, which fuels some of the biggest ships ever built

We Dig Diesel: Big Marine Machines

The shipping industry is the crux of international trade and forms a large part of the tourism industry with huge, luxurious passenger ships. What powers these big marine machines? Marine diesel oil! This fuel type …

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We Dig Diesel: Big Farm Tractors

Agriculture, specifically commercial farming, plays an essential role in our economy, literally feeding our nation. The farm-to-fork process is facilitated by machines the layman hardly even glances at, including tractors. Simultaneously rugged and sophisticated, these …

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