We Dig Diesel: Big Farm Tractors

Agriculture, specifically commercial farming, plays an essential role in our economy, literally feeding our nation. The farm-to-fork process is facilitated by machines the layman hardly even glances at, including tractors. Simultaneously rugged and sophisticated, these diesel fuel tractors are the envy of farmers the world over! Take a look…


No. 5 – Upton HT14/350, The Big Diesel Tractor from Down Under

Unbelievably the smallest on our list of five, this massive tractor built by Upton in Corowa, Australia, holds the title for being the world’s most powerful 2WD factory-built agricultural tractor. The HT14/350, like others in the fleet made by Upton, is built like a tank, and boasts a hefty 260kW power capacity.


Upton HT14/350 – Image courtesy of Upton Eng, YouTube

No. 4 – Case IH Stieger Quadtrac, The American Big Diesel Tractor

Made by a company known for innovation, it’s no wonder this massive machine makes the list of big diesel tractors. The Quadtrac is also known as the world’s largest fuel efficient and, concurrently, most powerful tractor. On top of its turbocharged engine is a hi-efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction (Hi-eSCR) system, an evolutionary facility that gives this tractor power without compromising efficiency, making this tractor a force to be reckoned with on all fronts.


Steiger Quadtrac – Image courtesy of Case IH Agriculture

No. 3 – AGCO Challenger, Europe’s Big Diesel Tractor

The AGCO Challenger MT975B tractor – a fitting name for number three on our list! Perfectly built for the hard work it must carry out, the Challenger is massive, sporting the heaviest and widest tractor frame in the world. It’s an enormous 7.3m long, 4.8m wide and 3.6m tall. That means a climb of six steps up to the cab! This monstrous machine is also powered by a 570 HP 18.1L Caterpillar diesel engine. Because of its size, this tractor cannot traverse most of Europe’s roads.


AGCO Challenger – Image courtesy of Tractor and Yacht

No.2 – Big Roy, The Big Diesel Tractor from the North

Big Roy is a Canadian Versatile 8-WD Model 1080 tractor, and was named after the manufacturer’s president, Roy Robinson. However, this tractor’s name does not do justice to the massive power sitting behind the cab, or to its huge frame. With a length of 9m, a width of 6.7m and a climb of 3.4m up to the cab, plus a V-12, 19L Cummins engine, pushed by the power of 600 horses, Big Roy is packing considerable muscle. Despite all this, Big Roy never ventured far from home. Design issues meant the tractor never fulfilled its intended purpose of working larger farms in Australia. Manufacturer Versatile made attempts to correct the design mishap to no avail – this mighty machine now sits on display in the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.


Big Roy – Image courtesy of Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki

No.1 – Big Bud, Montana’s Mighty, Big Diesel Tractor

Spanning 8.5m long and 6m wide, with wheels reaching 2.4m high, Big Bud 16V-747 is the largest tractor in the world to date. This super-tractor is cousin to super-sized mining equipment, weighing a whopping 43 tonnes. Big Bud’s massive wheels, pushed by its 4WD functionality, are mounted to the tractor on Clark D-85840 axles – the same used on construction equipment up to three times its size. After working more than 4046.86m² per minute in cotton fields in both California and Florida, this mountain of a machine was bought by the Williams brothers and returned to its home in Montana, USA.


Big Bud – Image courtesy of Williams Big Bud

Big Farm Tractors, Big Engines

Each of these titan-tractors make use of diesel. Diesel engines are known for their capability of pulling heavy loads easily and they have overcome the disadvantages they were once famous for – modern diesel engines are quieter, efficient and have low maintenance costs. These engines are also rugged, able to withstand more aggressive compression than their petrol counterparts, which is a necessary feature for tractors. Additionally, diesel engines provide much more torque, meaning more power – giving tractors like the big five above their vuma!

Diesel Fuels Big Farm Tractors and More

Diesel engines are vastly utilised in many industries, such as agriculture, mining, and construction. Being so widely used, it’s important to have the diesel on hand to fuel the diesel engine! For information on how we can get this fuel to you, contact us here…