ACCELERATE Special Gasoline - Powered by SA Oil helps Giordano Lupini take home gold

Taking Home the Gold with ACCELERATE Special Gasoline

Brand ambassador for ACCELERATE Special Gasoline – Powered by SA Oil, Giordano Lupini kicked off his racing season on 23 February 2019 at Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town where he raced his Maserati-yellow go-go Golf …

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SA Oil explains how cargo ships are powered

How Are Cargo Ships Powered?

Thousands of cargo ships traverse the seas, bringing with them goods, materials and much more. These behemoth vessels handle the bulk of international trade, often powered by bunker fuel which gets them from one destination …

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SA Oil recaps the Passion for Speed Festival where Sarel Van Der Merwe was fuelled by ACCELERATE Special Gasoline

Event: Passion for Speed Festival

The Passion for Speed Festival held at Killarney International Raceway in Cape Town on 9 February 2019 featured exciting racing events and renowned motorsport racers – including Sarel ‘Supervan’ van der Merwe, who drove a …

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SA Oil talks low sulphur diesel vs regular diesel

Low Sulphur Diesel vs Regular Diesel

Diesel is a popular fuel choice for industries across the spectrum, including the motor vehicle industry, mining and in agriculture. And, with recent technological advances and the ever-increasing awareness of climate change and carbon emissions, …

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SA Oil celebrates Valentine's Day with a unique take on speed dating

Our Unique Take on Speed Dating – ACCELER-Dating

Globally renowned as the day of love, the SA Oil team joined the Valentine’s Day festivities this year with our own take on speed dating – all to demonstrate the importance and effectiveness of team …

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SA Oil list on biggest mining machinery that uses diesel

We Dig Diesel: Big Mining Equipment

The mining industry is one of the world’s largest, most lucrative commercial trades. Providing hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world, many resources go into this enormous industry – including some massive diesel powered …

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