A “Chilli” Showdown!

With two players on equal points in our Most Valued Player series after our final office game, it was time to settle the score! Who was fastest on the draw? READ MORE… The Battle to …

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SA Oil celebrates a Mellow Yellow themed staff year-end function at 1904 restaurant

A Toast to the Year!

SA Oil held a Mellow Yellow themed year-end function to wrap up 2019. It was time to sit back and unwind with good food and even better company at 1904 Bistro Américain. Our mellow afternoon …

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SA Oil Celebrates Halloween 2019 Staff Event

A Boo-tiful Halloween Hangout!

No words for what you know about our brand, products and services? Draw it instead! That was the brief to our team members to take their sketchy knowledge from fearfully bad to frightfully good. Here’s …

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SA Oil Celebrating Heritage Day 2019

Hanging Out on Heritage Day 2019!

In a country as diverse as South Africa, if there’s one thing that brings us together it’s a good braai! We joined in the rest of our nation to celebrate Heritage Day 2019 with a …

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Rugby World Cup Office Fun!

Rugby World Cup Office Fun!

With a time difference between Japan and South Africa of seven hours, how on earth are you going to stay up to date with all the Rugby World Cup action? Thankfully, there’s an app for …

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SA Oil commemorates the 50th moon landing anniversary

A Team-Building Event with a Lunar Twist

The moon landing was an astronomical event that changed the course of life itself. To commemorate Apollo 11’s successful trip to the moon, our team got together for an all-out lunar team-building event. Here’s what …

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SA Oil commemorates International Panic Day with a teambuilding event

Our Stress-Busting Approach to International Panic Day!

Stress – the silent killer! This unfortunate health hazard is an inescapable part of life and work. that many of us struggle to manage. Thankfully, there’s a day just for it; this International Panic Day, …

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SA Oil celebrates National Be a Millionaire Day

Who Wants to Be an SA Oil Millionaire?

We marked National Be a Millionaire Day with a little staff competition – an SA Oil edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! There may have been only one winner, but everyone went home …

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SA Oil's Easter team building event

Our Easter Event: An Eggcellent Opportunity to Reflect

Easter provides the perfect teambuilding opportunity to resurrect and re-evaluate New Year’s resolutions that may have become neglected. Often, an easy way to stick to goals is to share it with others – which is …

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SA Oil recaps on its internal marketing event for International Day of Happiness

Celebrating International Day of Happiness, SA Oil Style

Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness, recognising the importance of happiness in people’s lives. This year, we joined in on the celebrations – with a little twist, a lot …

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