We Dig Diesel: World’s Biggest Trucks

Trucks are the cargo ships of the shore and transport a variety of goods and products. These massive metal workhorses have big jobs to do – that’s why they’re fitted with diesel engines! These powerful motors drive the biggest trucks ever built. Take a look…

SA Oil names the world's biggest trucks that use diesel

5. America’s Finest – the Peterbilt 379

Described as ‘tried and true,’ the 379 is an American classic. Though the smallest on our list, this big truck is definitely in it for the long haul. Complete with a long hood, a flat top bunk and usually a chrome ‘Texas’ bumper, this truck is something straight out of the Transformers series! But, as the saying goes, it’s what’s inside that counts: the Peterbilt 379 is fitted with a 475 Caterpillar diesel engine pushing 475 horsepower!

SA Oil talks about the world's biggest diesel trucks

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4. The Kenworth W900 from the USA

This North American big truck has remained a favourite in the industry and has been in production for over fifty years. Not much has changed in five decades, though – the freightliner boasts the classic long nose, a big front grill, and a wide chrome bumper. Diesel engine sizes for this model range from 9 litres to 16 litres and kicks out 625hp. The ‘W’ in ‘W900’ stands for Worthington, which was one of the brand’s founders.

SA Oil talks about the world's biggest diesel trucks

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3. The Australian Road Train, the Kenworth C510

This Kenworth, likes its sister the W900, is a truly massive truck. Traversing some of the harshest landscapes of Australia, it’s got some big loads to haul and gets the job done with five enormous trailers and a Cummins 19-litre QSK-19 diesel engine. It’s popular at mining sites where each of its five trailers are loaded to the brim with all varieties of materials. At maximum revs, this monster truck gets up to 606hp! The trucking method has been dubbed the road train as it’s a more efficient way of moving large loads of cargo cross-country – an easy feat for this huge semi!

SA Oil talks about the world's biggest diesel trucks

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2. The Red Giant

This enormous red freightliner is a one of a kind 1990 Diamond Reo, nicknamed the Red Giant by its owners and fans (which it seems to have a lot of!). The truck is also a former record holder and still carries its weight after nearly 30 years, though it’s now used as a mobile advertising billboard. The Giant is also the longest 5th wheel tractor in the USA, boasting a length of 2.3m from tractor to trailer and an insane wheelbase of nearly 11m! For perspective, that’s five cars back to back, making this semi a truly monstrous machine.

SA Oil talks about the world's biggest diesel trucks

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1. France’s Best, the Nicolas Tractomas TR 10×10 D100

Holding the Guinness World Record for largest semi-truck on the planet, the Tractomas is truly something to behold. The French special vehicle easily surpasses the dimensions of almost all previous heavy-duty truck tractors. When completely assembled, the semi spans 125m long and weighs 700 metric tons. The truck is also fitted with a Caterpillar 27-litre diesel engine, a necessary heavy-weight motor for the world’s biggest truck!

SA Oil talks about the world's biggest diesel trucks

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Diesel Does the Job!

Much like cargo ships, these trucks are responsible for transporting huge amounts of goods, and materials across whole countries. What powers each of them is enormous, heavy-duty diesel engines. Diesel remains the fuel of choice in numerous extensive industries and operations because it provides great fuel efficiency and torque, and for the fact that diesel engines are not maintenance intensive. These engines are also sturdy and very durable – the perfect match for their truck counterparts!

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