Event: Power Series – Round 4

As Wingfield Motor’s Power Series Round 4 kicked off on Saturday, 8 June, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini readied himself for the fight ahead – to secure continue his winning streak. How did he do? Find out…

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline - powered by SA Oil discusses brand ambassador Giordano Lupini's latest race

Two More Trophies for ACCELERATE Special Gasoline-Fuelled Giordano Lupini

“Today was another awesome day in what is becoming a pretty incredible season,” Giordano Lupini states, after securing yet more wins over the weekend at Killarney Raceway in Cape Town, Western Cape. 2019 Is quickly chalking up to be the young racer’s golden year despite numerous challenges faced and competitors who have tried their hardest to get the ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador out of the running. No such luck! Despite a wet track and a slippery start to the day’s events that saw Gio qualify in second place, he still came out on top with two wins for the day. Yay #TeamGiordano!

Gio’s Leading the Pack

Working smart and not hard, Giordano used lessons he learned in previous Class C Burly Pro GTI WP Challenge races when he took to the track again on Saturday. This time he was ready, biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his move – and move he did! A hard-fought win in the first race followed by a breezier win in the second sent the two-tone go-go Golf racer home with seven out of eight race wins, four out of four overall wins and a 30-point advantage in the class championship. Go, Gio, go!

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline Fuels Wins!

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