Event: Power Series – Round 3

Back in black on the track, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini had another successful day of racing in the third instalment of Wingfield Motor’s Power Series this Saturday past, not only achieving another win, but also setting another stellar lap record! Read more…

Brand Ambassador Giordano Lupini wins again in Power Series Round Three - fuelled by ACCELERATE Special Gasoline

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline Brand Ambassador Wins Again

The winning streak continues for golden boy Giordano Lupini who faced a hard day of racing at Killarney International Raceway over the weekend. Back on the track in his black golf, Giordano faced off an onslaught from his rivals who were more than eager to take the title of champion for themselves. No such luck for Giordano’s fellow Class C Burly Pro WP Challenge racers, though – the young racer fought hard, managing to secure the lead he’s gained in the first two rounds of the Power Series and go home with gold once again!

A Hard-Earned Win for Giordano

Despite kicking off the day’s races on a wet track, Giordano managed to secure a significant lead and gained pole position early into the races, gaining another fastest lap time as he chased up the Class B leaders in race two. Tyre to tyre with the racers in Class B had Giordano fighting hard to retain his position, allowing a Class C rival to slip past him and pass the chequered flag first. This didn’t deter the young racer, who still took home his third Class C overall win in the Power Series! Watch his hard-earned win here…

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