We Dig Diesel: Big Mining Equipment

The mining industry is one of the world’s largest, most lucrative commercial trades. Providing hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world, many resources go into this enormous industry – including some massive diesel powered mining machinery. Take a look at the biggest mining machines in the world…

SA Oil list of biggest mining machinery that uses diesel

5. The Colossal Komatsu PC8000-6

Komatsu’s king excavator and earth moving machine may only be the fifth largest excavator on the planet, but this diesel-drinking digger is 710 tonnes of pure shovelling force. With a track length of 9m and an overall bucket capacity of 38m³, this hydraulic, double 16-cylinder diesel engine-powered machine kicks out 4,020hp when working!

Komatsu big mine excavator that uses diesel - SA Oil list of biggest mine machinery
Komatsu PC8000-6 – Image courtesy of Wiki Commons

4. Canada’s Finest, The Diesel Giant Demag H740 OS

Built to endure the abrasive sands encountered when mining in Canada, the Demag is the fourth biggest mining excavator in the world. This monster mining machine has two 16-cylinder diesel engines under all that steel, powering its 40m³ shovel loading capacity. Weighing in at a whopping 744 tonnes, it’s hard to believe there’s anything bigger than this mammoth machine!

Demag H740 big mine excavator that uses diesel - - SA Oil list of biggest mine machinery
Demag H740 OS – Image courtesy of Mining Power

3. The Big Mine Machine of Germany: Liebherr’s R 9800

Built in France through German design, the world’s third largest hydraulic excavator boasts 810 tonnes of operating weight, and 4,000hp of sheer shovelling power. Having two 16-cylinder diesel engines means it’s fully prepared to maximise all of its 42m³ backhoe capacity. Its backhoe bucket is also what makes this machine number three on our list, with a maximum digging depth of 9m!

Liebherr R9800 big mine excavator that uses diesel - SA Oil list of biggest mine machinery
Liebher R9800 – Image courtesy of Liebher

2. Hitachi’s Hardcore Mine Machine, The EX8000-6

At 811 tonnes, it’s no wonder Hitachi’s massive mining excavator is the second largest in the world. Not only is it heavy, it’s also huge with an 8.65m wide undercarriage, a 9.9m high cab and an overall length of 10.5m. Both 16-cylinder diesel engines work hard to reach its 3,880hp potential. Fitted with a bucket of 45m³ loading capacity and a shovel of 40m³ loading capacity, this rugged rig is fully kitted out, able to remove 75 tonnes of earth in one load and able to reach a maximum digging depth of 20.5m – perfect for the Australian soil on which it works!

Hitachi EX8000-6 big mine excavator that uses diesel - SA Oil list of biggest mine machinery
Hitachi EX8000-6 – Image courtesy of Hitachi

1. The Big Bucket Wheel Mining Excavator, Bucyrus RH400

Holding the title for largest mining excavator on the planet, with an operating weight of about 889 tonnes, this Bucyrus model is truly a behemoth of a mining machine to behold. Dwarfing almost everything in comparison, this hydraulic excavator stands over 10m tall and has an overall track width of 8.6m. Powering this mighty machine are two Cummins diesel engines with an output power of 4,400hp. In a single scoop, the Bucyrus’ shovel can hold 45m³ of earth!

Bucyrus RH400 big mine excavator that uses diesel - SA Oil list of biggest mine machinery
Bucyrus RH400 – Image courtesy of Truck and Trailer

Big Mine Machines Have Big Tanks!

Powering each of these monumental machines is a set of mighty diesel engines. This fuel option provides many benefits, especially in a cost-intensive industry such as mining. Diesel allows mining excavator owners to cut back maintenance and overall fuel costs, and the machines achieve greater fuel efficiency and torque, meaning they reach their full power potential and can work for longer. Diesel engines are particularly durable too, matching the exterior of the massive machines that house them!

Diesel: Fuelling More Than Just Mine Machinery

The numerous benefits of diesel has more than just the mining industry stocking up on this fuel to power their machines, such as tractors on farms, construction vehicles and more. With diesel being the fuel of choice in so many industries, the importance of reliable supply is clear – contact us today to ensure you get the diesel you need, when you need it.