Powering Up for Power Series Round 5

After mid-year varsity exams, ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini is eager to hit the track and get another win at Killarney International Raceway in Power Series Round 5, this weekend. Find out how the championship leader is feeling…ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini talks pre race prep

ACCELERATE Special Gasoline Brand Ambassador Giordano Aims for Another Win

With seven out of eight race wins under his belt, a freshly branded, geared-out go-go Golf and an itch to get back to the track, Giordano Lupini is hoping to continue the winning streak he’s had this racing season. The ACCELERATE Special Gasoline-fuelled racer currently holds championship lead position – something his rivals are sure to remember when he races against them again this Saturday, 6 July, at the Wingfield Motors’ sponsored Power Series Round 5. Here’s what Gio has to say about his upcoming Class C Burly Pro WP GTI Challenge Race on Saturday…

Ready and Revving for Round 5

On top of the ever-heated Burly Pro Challenge Races, the Power Series offers motor fans a day full of throttle-thrilling events – and this time it’s American-themed! Saturday will see blue, white and red colours following the 4th of July celebrations in the US. Attendees will get the full experience – loud cars, fast bikes, and big V8s! Book your tickets at Computicket to avoid missing out – R80 for adults, R20 for children under 12.

The Racing Fuel Developed to Boost Performance

Fuelling Giordano’s wins this season is ACCELERATE Special Gasoline, a 102-octane racing fuel that does not contain lead, oxygen or ethanol. Reach peak performance with the fuel of champions – fuel up!