A Boo-tiful Halloween Hangout!

No words for what you know about our brand, products and services? Draw it instead! That was the brief to our team members to take their sketchy knowledge from fearfully bad to frightfully good. Here’s how we celebrated Halloween 2019 at the SA Oil Office…

SA Oil Celebrates Halloween 2019 Staff Event

Killler Office Game

The rules were as follows:

  • A name was drawn from a hat to select a drawer who kicked off the game.
  • That first drawer selected a card with a word on it and explained it to the rest through drawing.
  • If a player didn’t know how to explain the word, and chose not to try, they were to be eliminated, and couldn’t continue with the game (fortunately, everyone wanted to try their luck!)
  • Anyone could guess what the word is – the time allowed was two minutes
  • The player who guessed correctly got one point and won the next turn at drawing
  • The drawer who was accurately able to explain the word to the other players went back into the pool to continue the guessing game
  • If no one guessed a word correctly, no points were allocated and both players returned to the pool
  • Another player was selected at random through drawing a name from the hat
  • The process repeated until all the word cards were finished.
  • In the event of a single drawer taking on a single guesser, there was to be a ‘sudden death by question’
  • If after three sudden death questions there was still a tie, the remaining two players would share the ten points between them.

At the end of a very loud and energetic round of drawing, we had two players tied on equal points – one from our media team and one from our market development team. To decide the winner, a sudden death question was posed – a product question about our ACCELERATE Special Gasoline: What is fuel phase separation? – easily won in double quick time by our media man!

How Does Drawing Help the Brain?

Our quick-on-the-draw game wasn’t only designed to help our team members brush up on brand, product and service knowledge, but to get those neurons firing, too. Drawing helps extend our physical, mental and emotional faculties, explains Big Think. Take a look:

  1. Helps activate the brain’s ‘default circuit’ – the areas of the brain responsible for maintaining a baseline of activity in the absence of other stimuli
  2. Improves memory and recall ability
  3. Forces the brain to engage with a subject in new ways, which enhances understanding
  4. Improves observational skills and enhances visual perception.

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