Why Teamwork is Important in The Workplace

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people,” said Steve Jobs. Considered a genius, Jobs makes another valid point here – teamwork is an invaluable asset to any company and the workplace. How does SA Oil measure up?

Teamwork and Relationships in the Workplace

Teamwork is evident in most relationships we form; from friendships and marriages, to relationships with colleagues and managers, there has been some element of teamwork – the coming together of people to reach a common goal. And by working together to achieve that goal, people are brought closer together. By relying on one another to complete a given task, team members learn to trust one another, to work together and to communicate with each other – all fundamental aspects of a successful relationship. This foundation leads to benefits for all members of the team – a lighter load (many hands make light work!), compromise and innovation.

How Teamwork Encourages Innovation in the workplace

Having a good relationship with your colleagues and being able to trust them makes the workplace seem ‘safer’ – you may feel less judged, and more likely to ask questions, provide suggestions and be open to receiving feedback. This kind of positive environment is the birthplace of innovation – each member of the team feels valued, will share their input during a discussion or come together to help guide a potentially brilliant idea. The innovation brought on through teamwork and good relationships may even be beneficial for existing structures and procedures. With all members of a focusing on a common goal, improvement can be made to existing workflow systems, meaning better results made more quickly.

At SA Oil, we work towards consistently innovating our work spaces and work flow, as well as our product and service offering. Some of our greatest ideas were borne from impromptu creative brainstorming meetings, made possible by our team working together!

SA Oil teamwork hashtag #WorkEnergy

Brand Equity Built by Teamwork

Once a solid workplace relationship has been established between the members of your team, and a safe space has been created for people to share their ideas, criticisms and opinions, teamwork becomes the norm – with everyone relying on each other and working together almost without realising there was ever another way of doing things! Work energy is good, moods run high and productivity is increased – and it’s all directed toward a common goal, potentially improving your brand equity. A successful brand equity can arguably do the work for the company – a company will soon fail if it is not perceived as being dependable, trustworthy, and preferred over competitors; good brand equity, on the other hand, tips the supply and demand scale, bringing people to you rather than the other way around. Teamwork plays a crucial role here; if all members of your team are pulling in different directions, the focus will never be on the company, but rather resolving internal conflict and issues. However, a team that works together toward a shared goal gets only results, and your brand equity will undoubtedly improve for it.

Fuel for thought: SA Oil is big on positive work energy, so much so that this has become our social media hashtag!

The Benefits of Teamwork for Customer Service

This crucial element of any business is greatly affected by how well your team can work together. A strong team will handle customers with efficiency, consistency, and resilience, and be welcoming while doing it. A positive experience with representatives of your company will leave customers feeling satisfied and pleased with their choice of your company over your competitors, possibly promising their business in future. The customer is just as crucial to your business and team as your staff members are – arguably, they form part of the team as well and should be treated so! Great customer service and happy customers leads to positive feedback, reviews and even word-of-mouth marketing, further promoting your business. The success of this element will come full circle as well – your team will be left feeling upbeat and confident, retaining that high energy in the workplace that they implemented through teamwork in the first place!

In the days of social media, a good customer experience can make or break a brand. Facebook reviews, like the one we received below, shows just how impactful effective customer service can be!

SA Oil on the importance of teamwork and Facebook customer review from Bennie Hayes

Better Results through Teamwork

You now have a team founded on strong relationships, constantly innovating the workplace and improving systems, enhancing your brand equity and getting your company’s name out there, as well as happy customers that keep coming back for more. The result? Better results! With the foundation laid, your team has all the tools they need to perform more effectively and increase productivity. Synergy is evident in your workplace as each member of the team works so well with the other members, it’s as if they’re a well-oiled machine!  

The Dream Works through Teamwork

Undeniably one of the cornerstones of any business, it’s clear that teamwork really does make the dream work! Backed by a determined, close-knit team, almost any business can thrive. If you’re looking to work with a team like that, or to deal with a company who prides itself on its effective business model, contact us today.