SA Oil explains a world without oil

A World Without Oil

Like it or not, explains Business Insider, our world runs on oil – and we need more of it. With an expanding global population – we’re at 7.7 billion people and counting – energy supply …

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SA Oil discusses the different industries and applications in which heavy fuel oil is used

The Many Uses of HFO

Fuel is crucial to powering the world around us. Various types of fuel are used every day, from heating and cooking to powering huge machinery. Some fuels are better for certain applications – like heavy …

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SA Oil discusses the impact of the Trade Was on the oil industry

The Trade War Explained: Part II South African Fuel Security

Over a year later, the US-China Trade War has only grown in severity and in its wake, the world is trying to keep its head above water. Significantly impacted is the oil industry, with questions …

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SA Oil discusses how petroleum saved whale species

How Petroleum Saved the Whale

Whaling for profit has been banned since 1986 but whale oil was once part of international trade, lining the pockets of anyone brave or rich enough to hunt these mighty creatures. The discovery and use …

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