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SA Oil discusses illegal mining in Africa and in South Africa

Illegal Mining in Africa

The US Geological Society has classified Africa as holding immense mineral reserves, including diamonds, platinum and gold – the mining of which contributes hugely to GDP and tax revenue of African countries. But now mines …

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SA Oil discusses the events occurring in the Strait of Hormuz

Persian Gulf Tensions: The Strait of Hormuz

Located between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the Strait of Hormuz has recently been a site of ongoing, escalating conflict between Iran, the US and the UK. As an international energy chokepoint, the Strait’s importance cannot …

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SA Oil discusses the impact of the trade war on agriculture

The Trade War Explained: Part IV – Effect on Agriculture

The G-20 Summit held in Japan in June 2019 provided the first flicker of hope for the end of the US-China Trade War. However, recent backpedalling by both parties may see the war continue, and …

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SA Oil discusses the impact of the trade war on mining

The Trade War Explained: Part III – South African Mining

A reprieve from the US-China Trade War may see cooled tensions and a start to global economic stability, but the truce may be too little, too late. Find out how the year-long trade struggle impacted …

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SA Oil explains the impact of the US China trade war on South Africa

The Trade War Explained: Part I – The Effect on South African Manufacturing

The US-China Trade War has hit the world hard, causing a number of issues the effects of which are being felt on a global scale. South Africa is no exception – its already fragile economy …

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SA Oil explains the Mining Charter III

South Africa’s Mining Charter

Much like the Mining Charter of 2017, Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe’s revised 2018 Charter III aimed to remodel the mining industry in line with B-BBEE principles. It has had major implications for the industry …

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