SA Oil discusses Eskom and its effect on South Africa's economy

Eskom: R420-Billion in Debt and Counting

Eskom is the largest producer of electricity on the African continent and provides South Africa with 95% of its power. Recent years have seen the utility spiral into debt and dodgy deals, as well as …

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SA Oil explains the impact of the US China trade war on South Africa

The Trade War Explained: Part I – The Effect on South African Manufacturing

The US-China Trade War has hit the world hard, causing a number of issues the effects of which are being felt on a global scale. South Africa is no exception – its already fragile economy …

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SA Oil discusses the manufacturing industry in South Africa

South Africa’s Manufacturing Mayhem

The manufacturing industry’s days of being a prized contributor to South Africa’s economy is on the wane – in just two decades, the sector’s contribution to GDP has shrunk from 18% in 1997 to 11% …

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