SA Oil discusses the impact of the trade war on agriculture

The Trade War Explained: Part IV – Effect on Agriculture

The G-20 Summit held in Japan in June 2019 provided the first flicker of hope for the end of the US-China Trade War. However, recent backpedalling by both parties may see the war continue, and …

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SA Oil discusses why we still use fossil fuels

Why Do We Still Use Hydrocarbon Fuels?

Hydrocarbon fuels are used to create and power almost everything we use – from our reading glasses to powering entire buildings, these fuels are at the source! However, attempts are being made to move away …

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SA Oil discusses farm energy and fuel needs

Five Ways to Fuel a Farm

Agricultural farming is an energy-intensive industry that uses 2% of all energy produced in South Africa alone! All over the world, farming energy needs are growing. How is the industry keeping up? Read on to …

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