Our Easter Event: An Eggcellent Opportunity to Reflect

Easter provides the perfect teambuilding opportunity to resurrect and re-evaluate New Year’s resolutions that may have become neglected. Often, an easy way to stick to goals is to share it with others – which is what we did! Find out how…SA Oil's Easter team building event

Easter is the Time to Revisit Your New Year’s Resolutions

The celebration of a new year has three common denominators: champagne, fireworks, and millions of people making new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s eating healthier, spending more time with family, or getting a new job, most people make at least one new year’s resolution every year.

 Although each member of our team may have been at a different stage on the road to accomplishing their goal – they may have almost achieved it, or are still working hard on it, or maybe they’ve given up altogether – we came together as a team to revisit our resolutions, with the following in mind:

  1. What were our biggest resolutions for 2019?
  2. Are we still working on these resolutions? If not, why not? If so, how so?
  3. Why are these resolutions important to us?
  4. Why do we think we’re struggling with our goals?
  5. Do we think we’ll achieve our goals by the end of 2019?

A Speggtacular Reward!

Every member of our team had set a goal for something different, ranging from financial goals, fitness goals, spending more time with family, and even cutting sugar out of their diet! The activity provided us with greater insight into the lives of our colleagues and served as a great teambuilding exercise – with some tasty rewards!

SA Oil Easter team building event treats SA Oil Easter team building event treats SA Oil Easter team building event treats SA Oil Easter team building event treats SA Oil Easter team building event treats

Why Teambuilding is Important for Any Company

This teambuilding activity provided an opportunity to get to know our colleagues on another level. We found out what motivates them, what is important to them, and how they hope to achieve their goals. This may not have been possible without this rewarding teambuilding exercise, and it emphasises why such activities are so important in any company:

  • It brings people together
  • It encourages team bonding
  • It creates a sense of trust in the workplace
  • It encourages socialising between team members
  • Boosts team cognisance
  • Improves team spirit (or in our case, #WorkEnergy!)
  • Stimulates creativity – team members can compare the steps they’ve taken toward a goal against those of their team members’
  • Improves communication

Teambuilding Helps Boost Our #WorkEnergy

Our eggcellent Easter event brought us together as a team and allowed us to bond, which is why we’ve got more like it planned for the year! Got special skills, experience in the petroleum industry and fancy being a part of a team that loves what they do? Send us your CV!