SA Oil explains where South Africa's power stations and coal mines are located

Energy Burst: Where are South Africa’s Power Stations?

South Africa’s power stations were originally designed to maximise our natural resources and deliver reliable electricity at lowest cost.   “Having a resource in the ground does not translate into energy security, as evidenced by …

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Corporate Fitness Programme: SA Oil Breakfast Run

Did you know that the average employed South African works 2200 hours a year – the most of all countries surveyed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. That’s a lot of time on …

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SA Oil looks at the world's biggest and longest diesel powered trains

We Dig Diesel: World’s Biggest Trains

The invention of the steam train in the 1800s revolutionised transport – now people and goods could travel further and faster overland, and it was the railways that opened up the New World for business, …

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Leaded vs Unleaded Fuel

In 2006, lead was phased out of gasoline in South Africa – a decade after the USA and EU. But why did gasoline contain lead in the first place, and what’s so special about lead …

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A “Chilli” Showdown!

With two players on equal points in our Most Valued Player series after our final office game, it was time to settle the score! Who was fastest on the draw? READ MORE… The Battle to …

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And That’s a Wrap: Giordano Wins!

The hard-fought season’s racing in the Wingfield Motors Power Series culminated in a thrilling season finale at Killarney International Raceway on Saturday, 30 November 2019, with ACCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini taking top …

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SA Oil celebrates a Mellow Yellow themed staff year-end function at 1904 restaurant

A Toast to the Year!

SA Oil held a Mellow Yellow themed year-end function to wrap up 2019. It was time to sit back and unwind with good food and even better company at 1904 Bistro Américain. Our mellow afternoon …

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Giordano Lupini Races in round 9 of the Burly Pro WP Gti Challenge Power Series at Killarney International raceway using ACCELERATE Special Gasoline powered by SA Oil

The Final Push Towards the Power Series Title

It’s been a long, hard season but the day of reckoning is nearly upon us! Power Series Round 9 takes place this Saturday, 30 November at Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town. How is Giordano’s race …

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SA Oil Celebrates Halloween 2019 Staff Event

A Boo-tiful Halloween Hangout!

No words for what you know about our brand, products and services? Draw it instead! That was the brief to our team members to take their sketchy knowledge from fearfully bad to frightfully good. Here’s …

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CCELERATE Special Gasoline brand ambassador Giordano Lupini in Round 8 of the Power Series

Event: Power Series – Round 8

Saturday, 19 October saw the penultimate round of the WP BurlyPro GTI Challenge, part of Wingfield Motors Power Series, play out at Killarney International Raceway, Cape Town. Catch up on the progress of ACCELERATE Special …

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