A Team-Building Event with a Lunar Twist

The moon landing was an astronomical event that changed the course of life itself. To commemorate Apollo 11’s successful trip to the moon, our team got together for an all-out lunar team-building event. Here’s what we did…

SA Oil commemorates the 50th moon landing anniversary

To the Moon and Back

Fifty years ago, humanity achieved something few had only dreamed of: landing on the moon! This monumental achievement ushered in a whole new era and exemplified what we as a species were capable of. It also introduced a wave of technology that, without the lunar missions, might never have come to fruition, like cordless communication devices, smoke detectors and computer microchips! While no trips have been made to the moon since 1972 (though India recently initiated an unmanned trip, and NASA plans to send American astronauts back by 2024) there is still so much to learn from the journey. At a staff total of 400,000, enormous amounts of planning, testing, strategising and testing went into the Apollo programme – what did we learn from this?

Houston, We Have a Solution!

To commemorate one of the greatest events in human history, our team had to do a little digging…

  1. Investigate the Apollo 11 mission
  2. Draw one element from the event that is remarkable or important
  3. Collate our findings to present to our team
  4. Explain how or if these findings could be adopted at SA Oil.

Needless to say, the Apollo 11 missions proved fascinating to learn about and each member of our team had discovered totally unique aspects of the mission and those who made it a success. We refuelled afterward with some moon-themed, far-out cookies!

SA Oil commemorates the 50th moon landing anniversary SA Oil commemorates the 50th moon landing anniversary SA Oil commemorates the 50th moon landing anniversary SA Oil commemorates the 50th moon landing anniversary

Teamwork Took Man to the Moon

A recurring theme we found in each team member’s findings was that of teamwork. Each team member agreed that this element was crucial to the success of the lunar missions and could identify that relevance at SA Oil. This finding tied in with our teambuilding events, and reflected how teambuilding activities:

  • Initiates interaction and socialising between staff members
  • Enhances team cognisance
  • Improves communication
  • Encourages ideas and creativity
  • Builds relationships

Blast Off with #WorkEnergy!

Our lunar legacy teambuilding event not only taught everyone some really cool facts about the Apollo missions, and even about the rocket that accomplished them but brought us together as a team. That’s why we’ve got more events just like it lined up! Feel like being a part of the SA Oil team? Send us your CV!