A “Chilli” Showdown!

With two players on equal points in our Most Valued Player series after our final office game, it was time to settle the score! Who was fastest on the draw? READ MORE…

The Battle to be SA Oil’s Most Valued Player

The last two men standing in our Most Valued Player series slugged it out in a Tex-Mex-themed Six Shooter Grand Finale – six rapid-fire questions on brand, product and services  designed to test their mettle and nerves of steel.

The brainchild of our marketing and media team, our Most Valued Player Series was designed to encourage staff to immerse themselves in our company’s brand, product and service offering. A series of team building games and activities served to enhance their knowledge and extend their business and career skills – e.g. critical thinking and presentation skills. To prompt engagement, a secret grand prize was on offer – to be revealed at our end-of-year event. The player with the most points at the end of the series to be awarded the title of Most Valued Player 2019.


Why Play Interactive Office Games?

Interactive training games are an enjoyable technique to increase product knowledge amongst teammembers. Product knowledge is a crucial part of any business but memorising content isn’t always easy. Office games spark  competitive excitement between co-workers and, in-turn, increases the need to know more about the company and its industry. Take a look at a few tips to make product training successful in the workplace:


Provide Incentives and Rewards

Employees will have a higher drive towards winning if a prize is awarded. A point system can be put in place to keep track of scores. These points are then eligible for prizes at the end of each month, quarter or year. Rewards are a great way to keep training fun and employees engaged!


Take Training Out of the Office

A change of scenery is needed occasionally. Take office games out of the usual environment to shake things up to help employees c become more responsive and fully participate in the given activities.


Make Training Fun

A simple game experience will do the trick! Employees would rather actively participate in a game than parrot read information from a file.  Interactive office games keep employees engaged and eager to actively learn more, especially if an incentive is put in place. Try match the game style to your content for the most effective results. Every game has different elements and structures – let your content dictate the game style.


Keep it Consistent

The key is repeated practice. For employees to learn and retain information, they need to engage with it repeatedly until the information becomes second nature. The best way to drive repeated engagement is to make training consistent and fun.


After the Work, the Reward…

Our rapid-fire questions were over in a shot – a close-fought fight to the end between our Logistics Specialist and our Visual Marketing Specialist. Each of them having worked hard during the year, it was a pity that there had to be a winner at all! With just a point and a half in it, our Visual Marketing Specialist emerged the champion of our Most Valued Player series 2019!

The games over, it was time to get stuck into some snacks – Tex-Mex style, with nachos, guacamole and salsa washed down with Mexican hot chocolate (that’s spiced up with chilli!).



Think that you could bring the heat to the SA Oil team? Send us your CV!